Tips to remove surface defects of plastic barrels

- May 16, 2020-

If there are particles or burrs on the surface of the plastic bucket, this is caused by rough coating. In the face of these problems, the plastic bucket manufacturer recommends that before formal coating, you can use gauze to filter the paint, stir it evenly, do the corresponding cleaning work, and at the same time do the static and dust removal on the surface of the painted workpiece deal with.

If there are small cracks on the surface of the plastic barrel, this is a crack. Manufacturers of plastic drums suggest that low-boiling and high-boiling solvents can be properly combined to adjust the evaporation rate of the solvent. It can also anneal the barrel before painting to eliminate internal stress.

If there are cracks on the surface of the plastic bucket. There are several ways for plastic barrel manufacturers to deal with it. One is to plasticize the inside or outside of the connector to make a strong adhesive coating; the second is to use cross-linking or high-strength polymer components to increase the cohesion of the coating; the third is to use a better weather resistance Polymers are used as coupling materials.