Tin can polishing method

- Apr 26, 2020-

Tin can packaging is now a more common form of packaging, such as tea, moon cakes, etc. are all packed in tin cans, the style is beautiful, the packaging effect is good, and the tin can also be recycled, so it is very popular. The following is a brief introduction to the glazing method of the tin can. There are currently two commonly used glazing methods, namely, wet pressing dry method and wet pressing wet method.


1. Wet pressing drying method, that is, after the printing ink on the tinplate print is dried, it is then polished on the surface of the tinplate. This glazing method will not cause problems such as ink penetration and color fading, but because a separate glazing process is required after printing, it is not conducive to improving production efficiency and increasing production costs.

2. Wet-press wet method, that is, before the printing ink of tinplate printing is dried on the surface of tinplate, shorten the time between printing and glazing process, save energy and production time, and reduce consumption. However, since the first color of the comparison is printed and then glazed on the wet ink, it is easy to make the pigment of the comparison color ink penetrate into the varnish, which will cause the color loss of the printed graphic ink and the glossiness of the printed product. , The appearance quality is seriously reduced.