Three main rules for the use of plastic barrels

- Sep 12, 2019-

When we choose plastic buckets, we have to choose according to our own needs. Because of the different materials of plastic products, there are certain differences in the composition of materials and the way they are used. Although plastic drums appear to store liquids and transport them, some liquids are stored and plastic products cannot be used. We must be clear and thoroughly aware of which liquids can be contained and which are not.

1. Understand the function of the plastic barrel and distinguish whether it is toxic.

This time it depends on what kind of material is used for plastics, and whether plasticizers or wave agents are added inside. Plastic food bags, milk bottles, buckets, kettles, etc., which are sold in the general market, are mostly polyethylene plastics. They are smooth to the touch by hand, and the appearance is like a layer of wax, which is easy to extinguish, and the flame is yellow and has waxy drops. With paraffin, this plastic is non-toxic. Industrial packaging plastic bags or containers, mostly made of polyvinyl chloride, outside the lead salt fluctuations. When the plastic is touched by hand, it is sticky, not easy to extinguish, extinguished from the fire, the flame is green, and the weight is heavier. This plastic is poisonous.

2. Do not use oil, vinegar or wine in plastic drums.

The white semi-clear bucket sold on the market, although it is non-toxic, it is not suitable for long-term loading of oil and vinegar, otherwise it will easily cause the plastic to swell and also oxidize the oil and produce substances harmless to the human body; Also pay attention to the wine, work can not be too long, too long will reduce the aroma and degree of the wine. It is especially worth noting that you should never use toxic polyvinyl chloride to hold oil, vinegar, wine, etc., or it will purify oil and vinegar. People eat pain, nausea, skin allergies, etc., and severely damage the bone marrow and liver. In addition, be careful not to use vats to pack kerosene, gasoline, diesel, toluene, ether, etc., because these things tend to harden and swell the plastic until cracking and damage, and form unexpected results.

3, pay attention to the conditions of use, anti-aging

When people use plastic buckets, they often encounter scenes such as hardening, brittleness, discoloration, cracking, and functional decline. This is plastic aging. In order to improve the anti-aging performance, people often add some anti-aging agents in the plastics to slow down their aging speed. In fact, this does not basically deal with the results. In order to make the plastic barrel durable, the secondary is to be used properly, not to expose the sun, not to rain, not to fire or heat, do not always touch water or oil.

In addition, try to prevent the use of plastic containers or bags to hold light or hot food, plastic barrels can not be forced to collide, nor can often be exposed to low temperatures, collisions are easy to break, exposure is easy to slow down its aging, thereby reducing the service life. In fact, our life's dependence on plastic barrels is very large, so learn how to correctly select and use plastic barrels, which can avoid toxins and provide convenience for life.