The role of plastic barrels

- Jun 08, 2019-

The main component of the plastic barrel is polyethylene, which has been recognized by the world as harmless and non-toxic to food. The soy sauce, vinegar and various seasonings sold in daily department stores are basically in plastic drums, and the plastic buckets are also used for drinks like juices, carbonated drinks, wines, etc., so even if plastic buckets are used to hold them There is no harm in putting food.

The appearance of the plastic bucket will have different designs due to different manufacturers, but it is basically beautiful, not only practical but also durable. In terms of weight, the plastic itself is very light. The plastic bucket is widely used in the transportation of articles because of its light weight. It not only saves space but also is easy to handle. Its cold and corrosion resistance can also protect the transported goods. Arriving at the destination.

Plastic barrels have many advantages, but they still need to pay attention to the way they are used. Not all things can be used to hold them. For example, toxic chemicals such as fuming sulfuric acid, gasoline, toluene, and ethylene oxide cannot be packaged. Packing in plastic drums, or accidents such as explosions are prone to occur.

Although plastic drums are easy to use and inexpensive, they are also chemically used, so pay attention to how they are used in order to better use their value.