The respective use of closed barrels and open barrels

- Jun 11, 2019-

Iron buckets are divided into two categories: closed barrels and open barrels.

The use of closed barrels: mainly used for liquids, its products are mainly chemicals, petrochemicals, coatings.

Use of open barrel: mainly used for coating, high viscosity liquid, powder, solid. The lid can be completely opened, easy to use and operate. There are two types of barrel hoops, bolt type and wrench type. The bolt type has high strength and good sealing performance, and the wrench type is convenient to operate.

Regular packaging barrel printing, small iron barrels open, mainly to see the inner wall of the iron barrel is not smooth, bright and not bright, there are no defects. And the packaging is not strict, the inner wall is not smooth, defective, corroded, it is not good Iron drum packaging, this proves that the packaging is serious but not enough, and the steel is not good. A quantity should be budgeted, and then purchased in the same batch. There is a color difference or other change between different batches. The selected iron drum should be the same brand. There is no product between this primer and the topcoat. The reaction affects the effect of