The relationship between the thickness of the wall of the plastic bucket and its deformation

- Oct 28, 2020-

The problem of plastic barrel deformation is a place that attracts the attention of many users, and there is a certain relationship between the deformation of the plastic barrel and the thickness of the barrel wall; in the actual use process, the thickness of the barrel wall varies too much. As a result, the plastic barrels are deformed. This has attracted the attention of plastic machinery manufacturers and has begun to improve in this area. Most plastic barrel manufacturers have also actively improved their mold equipment.

The plastic barrels produced by manual equipment have no or relatively few wall thickness control points, which can easily cause the overall unevenness of the plastic barrels. Therefore, the standards for plastic barrels are relatively loose. The two-point wall thickness of plastic barrels Should be controlled within the range of 2:1. In this way, a plastic bucket with uneven wall thickness will often be judged qualified when it is subjected to anatomical analysis.

The current full-automatic blow molding machine blank thickness control device controls the wall thickness of the parison, and the control points are as many as 128 points, generally 20-30 points. Effective wall thickness control makes the thickness of the barrel wall uniform according to the requirements, and the anti-fall is greatly enhanced.