The plastic bucket is not easy to break because of these factors.

- Aug 29, 2019-

Plastic barrels are not easy to break as long as they have the following characteristics:

1. It is a polymer organic compound

2, it can exist in various types such as liquid solid colloidal solution, etc.

3, it can be shaped

4, a wide variety of different plastics, resulting in different plastics

5, a wide range of products are diversified

6, with different properties

7, can use different processing methods

Plastic barrel plastic can be divided into two types: thermosetting and thermoplastic. The former cannot be reshaped and the latter can be repeatedly produced. There are basically two types of plastic polymer structures: the first one is a linear structure, the polymer compound having such a structure is called a linear polymer compound, and the second is a bulk structure, and a polymer compound having such a structure It is called a bulk polymer compound. Some polymers have a branched chain called a branched polymer, which is a linear structure. Some polymers have cross-linking between molecules, but cross-linking is less. It is called a network structure and belongs to a body structure.