The explosion-proof refueling barrel is made by hand-made production process.

- Sep 21, 2019-

Fine craftsmanship, beautiful appearance, solid and practical.

Explosion-proof refueling barrels are made of brass leather. They are called explosion-proof refueling barrels because they are easy to ignite and easily explode in collision with other metal materials. Explosion-proof refueling barrels can be made into round or semi-circular shapes according to different requirements of users.

Fire-fighting explosion-proof refueling barrels are generally conical or cylindrical in shape, mainly to provide fuel for burning oil, coal powder, etc., filled with yellow sand when fighting a fire; or as a fire that extinguishes the initial fire of general substances. The material is made of copper alloy. Because copper has good thermal conductivity, the special substance that contains almost no carbon causes the tool and the object to generate heat in a short period of time after friction or impact, and then is absorbed and conducted. Another reason is that the copper metal itself is relatively comparative. Soft, has good retractability during friction or collision and does not easily produce particles of tiny metallic substances.

The aluminum explosion-proof refueling barrel is made of integral aluminum and is manufactured by professional processing. The quality inspection department conducts strict inspections on various processes, and improves the quality of the products through layers to ensure that the export qualified rate meets the high standards. The different requirements of the user and the needs of the working environment use the explosion-proof refueling barrel tool without spark explosion and avoid explosion hazards.