The difference between the paint bucket and ordinary bucket

- Jun 05, 2020-

In terms of quality. This iron bucket is a product specially used to hold paint. It has strong practicability and design sense, and is a metal packaging product. Let's take a look at its material, which is tinplate, and the strong and durable characteristics I believe everyone has heard. The surface paint treatment is round and smooth without any flaws. Can be sprayed according to customer requirements. In terms of its use, in fact, this kind of iron bucket can be used in addition to paint, other foods, chemical products, medicines, etc. It's just that the internal spraying of the product itself is different.

When we use the iron drum, we need to carry out the overall treatment, and when using it, we must also treat the two differently, and do a good job in the overall treatment.

The iron drum has good development and application prospects, and can be used as a substitute for metal, glass, and ceramic packaging containers. Compared with these packaging containers, steel-plastic composite barrels have more obvious advantages. Its main features are: because paper is the main raw material, it is easy to recycle and handle; it has excellent protection performance, waterproof, moisture-proof, and certain heat insulation Effect; odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, especially suitable for food packaging; can be filled with commodities of various shapes, and low noise during filling; can withstand positive and negative pressure, can be used for vacuum or nitrogen-filled packaging