The Difference between Stainless Steel Precision Casting and Sand Turning Casting

- Aug 06, 2019-

Stainless steel precision casting: first make wax castings is the final castings, then hang slurry on the wax mold, stick sand, make it form a strong shell in the wax appearance, then heat, lose wax row, pour molten steel or aluminium into the empty shell, after cooling, vibration crushed shell, you can get the desired castings. Fine castings have high appearance quality and precise size.

Sand casting, also known as sand turning, first uses wood to make the shape of castings. Usually the material used is wood, but also metal molds. The wood molds are buried in the sand, and then the wood molds are taken out, so that the sand molds become a cavity. When molten steel is poured out of the cavity, cooling is the required casting pattern. The appearance quality of sand castings is poor, and the size of sand castings is not as accurate as that of investment castings, but the cost is lower than that of investment castings.

If the batch is large, it is better to accept die-casting die, with high output and low cost of single piece. Compared with stainless steel precision casting die and sand casting die, the cost of die-casting die is higher.