The common sense of buying plastic buckets

- May 04, 2020-

The tightness of the plastic barrel, water vapor permeability. Hermeticity and water vapor permeability are two important technical indicators of plastic drums. They play a vital role in the stability of the packaged products.

Plastic barrels must first meet the requirements of non-toxicity, no odor, etc. Due to the wide variety of main raw materials available, this requires the selection of the overall performance of the raw materials. Generally, high-density polyethylene and polypropylene are used for tablets. Use PET bottles. If higher barrier performance is needed, and light blocking and opacity, brown PET bottles and liquid dosage forms are generally selected as polypropylene or polyester bottles as the main raw material. At present, the packaging bottles of domestic nutrition and food products are mainly made of PET Or HDPE material, the bottle cap is PP material.

Quality standards for plastic drums can be analyzed and judged from the quality standards of the manufacturers' products. Quality assurance system, auditing suppliers has become an indispensable and important link in purchasing plastic drums. Through the audit, we can make a comprehensive and correct assessment of the comprehensive level of software, hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality of the production plant.