The characteristics of water-based paint for steel drums

- Mar 20, 2021-

(1) Low dilution cost: In the process of product application, water is used to dilute and adjust the viscosity, which completely eliminates the hidden dangers of toxic and flammable organic solvents and saves a lot of dilution costs. (2) There is no potential risk in product application: in the two links of coating and drying, there is a high degree of diffusion of harmful substances, and there are obviously two hidden dangers in paint: the coating constructor cannot avoid the environment of toxic solvents and high volatility, which is easy to cause Poisoning; the mixed gas of combustible volatile matter and air reaches a certain concentration, and it is very easy to ignite when exposed to open flames or sparks. The occurrence of these two conditions will bring great risks to the application enterprise, and the water-based paint mainly volatilizes water. The two hidden dangers naturally disappeared. (3) Energy-saving, emission-reduction and self-interest: Due to the use of water-based materials, the emissions are harmless, and water-based paint does not have the pungent smell of paint, thus effectively improving the application environment. From the stable employment of enterprises to emission reduction targets, many aspects provide very valuable conditions for application enterprises. (4) Water-based paint is fully recycled and reused: The coating method of steel drums is mainly spraying, and its utilization rate is low. A large proportion of it is discharged with exhaust air, causing waste and pollution. Water-based paint can be fully reused by attaching a simple recycling device, and the recycling cost is extremely low.