The advantage of tin bucket packging

- Nov 07, 2018-

The advantage of tin bucket packging

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Tin bucket is widely used in chemical packaging such as marble, paint and AB glue.Meanwhile,plays an indispensable role in food packaging industry .Let's take a look at the advantages of tin buckets:

1. Good rigidity: Compared with other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, paper container,it is strong, not easy to crack.It can be used as a sample package or as a container for heavy handling.

2. Good barrier property: tin buckets are more than any other materials are good barrier property, flame resistance, moisture resistance, shading sex is good, and reliable sealing, can protect the goods in a reliable way. 

3. Full production equipment and high production capacity: the production of tin cans has a long history, and there is a complete set of production facilities with high production capacity, which can meet the needs of each packaging. 

4. Changeable color pattern: good printing function of metal materials;The picture case brand is bright and elegant, the packaging container is eye-catching, it is a kind of high quality agent packaging. 

5. A variety of shapes: tin buckets can be made into various shapes according to the different demand, such as square pot, oval cans, round cans, horseshoe, trapezoidal, etc., the paint bucket is satisfied with different commodity packaging requirements, more changes in the paint bucket and packaging container, contributed to the agent.

6. Recyclable: meet the international environmental protection requirements, and meet the trend of future commodities.