Surface retreading treatment method for iron drum

- Dec 02, 2019-

1. Grind the iron drum with sandpaper, and the coiled steel is subjected to surface treatment such as degreasing and phosphating.

2. Dip-coated iron bucket.

3. Apply epoxy primer.

4. After drying, pass the roller coating.

5. Apply the appropriate outer packaging pattern and so on.

6. The drying process is finally formed in the drum of the drum machine.

The above is the introduction of the surface refurbishment treatment method of the iron drum. The iron drum after the recovery should ensure that the iron drum should not leak, the appearance should be basically round, there is no mechanical damage at the sealing edge of the two ends, and the other parts of the barrel are not large. The concave deformation caused by the external force of the area shall not form an acute angle or damage the thickness of the iron sheet. Secondly, the deformation of the barrel lid and the bottom of the barrel shall not be bulged. The outer surface of the barrel shall be sprayed with qualified paint in accordance with national requirements, and the color of the spray shall be uniform. The surface is smooth and smooth, and there are no defects such as creping and flowing, and the bottom color is not leaked. In addition, in order to ensure the tightness of the iron drum, the barrel mouth must not have damage that affects the sealing property after the capping, and the barrel mouth must not have a skewed depression.