Step method for recycling and reuse of packaging iron drums

- Jul 18, 2020-

Dry processing-remove residues in the barrel by heat treatment, accounting for about 20% of the processing capacity. The main process is: heating and grinding to remove residues → shot blasting paint removal and polishing → shaping → leak test → surface painting. The advantage is that no waste water is generated, the main disadvantage is that the energy consumption is relatively high, and the waste gas generated needs to be purified. Compared with the wet cleaning line, the automatic dry waste steel drum recycling production line is suitable for waste steel drums contaminated with waste oil, waste solvents, etc., which are suitable for thermal cleaning and regeneration. The refurbished packaging drums are close to the new drum standard, and they have a large processing capacity (100,000 /A or more), good cleaning effect, no waste water discharge and other good effects of environmental protection and energy saving.

Wet processing-wash with water or solvent agent, accounting for 80% of the treatment volume. Wash the residue with water or solvent → sanding → drying → shaping → surface painting. The main advantage is that it has a wide range of application. The barrels can be cleaned by chemical cleaning agents, water washing, etc. according to different pollution characteristics. Its advantage is its wide applicability, and its main disadvantage is its generation of waste water and waste liquid, which needs to be treated later.