Stainless steel barrel selection tips

- Sep 17, 2019-

Nowadays, there are all kinds of stainless steel barrels on the market, and it is not an easy task to choose an excellent equipment. After investigation, it is found that the quality of the wine will directly affect the quality of the wine. How do we choose to face the dazzling equipment?

The price gradient of stainless steel vats made of different materials is very large. Is it better to make equipment made of more expensive materials? The answer is no, because different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose according to your own needs when choosing. For example, the price of tin equipment is high, although the quality is good, but it is difficult for many companies because the price is too high. The equipment of stainless steel is relatively low in price, but because of its low thermal conductivity, the liquor yield is not high, and the equipment is relatively expensive to operate. The aluminum equipment is characterized by quick drinking and fuel saving. , is a relatively high cost-effective choice. In addition to metal materials, ceramic cylinders are also a good choice, provided that they are not leaked and waterproof.

When selecting stainless steel casks, in addition to considering the material of the equipment, the equipment should be selected according to the expected sales volume, which involves the amount of food placed and the expected wine production. In general, wine is sold locally, so it can be chosen according to the local conditions. The quality of the brewing equipment is the basis for the production of wine, so it is necessary to choose a good production company, but if you buy cheap equipment, you will seriously affect the normal production and cause losses.