Some common problems in the use of chemical plastic barrels

- Feb 22, 2021-

In terms of the convenience of carrying and using plastic barrels, the first is plastic barrels with small capacity and lighter packaging weight. This kind of plastic barrel packaging is mainly reflected in the functional design of the handle. Making the handle more labor-saving and more convenient is an important part of the design of plastic barrels. For large-capacity plastic buckets, more creative ideas are needed. For example, some large plastic garbage bins are equipped with wheels, which are very convenient to push and pull and easy to use.

The second is the use of plastic buckets. Plastic buckets are often more expensive and more durable. For example, paint plastic buckets. Many migrant workers now use paint plastic buckets for clothes, rice, and pickles. From the perspective of convenience, we believe that the convenience of cleaning and disinfecting plastic buckets is a consideration.

Finally, the recycling rate of plastic drums is also a direction that needs to be promoted. The current recycling rate of plastic barrels is very low. The recycling of plastic bottles involves multiple aspects such as recycling and equipment, and needs to be advanced step by step.