Shipping Instructions for plastic drums

- Oct 25, 2018-

A. Plastic packaging barrels can be shipped dangerous goods: Dangerous goods Category: d≤1.2: Acetic acid (acetic acid, glacial acetic anhydride) ethyl acetate aniline cresol phenol hydrochloride (36%) crude oil diesel kerosene (lamp with kerosene) petroleum solvent hydrofluoric acid (≤60%)

Two types: d>1.2: formic acid, hydrogen bromide solution chromic acid (30%) perchlorate (≤50%) Potassium hydroxide solution sodium hydroxide solution nitric acid (≤55%) sulfuric acid waste sulfuric acid.

Three types: d≤1.2: Acrylic acid methacrylate aqueous solution formaldehyde (≤35%) furfuryl alcohol ethylene glycol mono-ethyl ether hypochlorite solution (≤16%) alkyl phenols (including C2-c8 homologous).

Four categories: d>1.2: ferric chloride phosphate alcohol (limited to two or three categories) such as: methanol, ethanol (alcohol), propanol, Butyl alcohol esters (limited to two or three categories) such as: phosphite two butyl ester ketone (limited to two or three categories) ether Class (limited to two or three categories) aliphatic hydrocarbons limited to two or three categories) Non-hazardous n-Dimethyl butyrate ethyl ester phosphoric acid tri-toluene ester polyacrylamide polyamide polyvinyl alcohol polyethylene glycol two yuan glycol glycol (glycol) diethylene glycol triethylene glycol methyl ethylene glycol di-propanediol propyl alcohol glutaraldehyde high aldehyde fatty acid polysiloxane solution sulfur sulfate solution thionyl sulfide Sodium hydroxide solution adhesive antifreeze Bleach Disinfectant dispersant stabilizer Plasticizer (DBP DOP) emulsifier demulsifier Suspension Agent anti-foaming agent acid intrusion Agent wetting agent industrial cleaning agent leather auxiliaries papermaking auxiliaries textile auxiliaries dyeing auxiliaries harvesting protective agent fiber protector Fluorescent Brightener Concrete Additive.

Construction additive casein additive paste adhesive fruit juice Concentrate water juice betaine spindle oil lactic acid tannin tanning Agent latex dispersion medium liquid dye water-based emulsion paraffin emulsion brake fluid oil liquid Fertilizer cosmetics raw Materials 30 alcohol emulsion sodium silicate (bubble alkali, water glass) 12 alkyl benzene sulfonic acid calcium B. Plastic packaging barrels Non-shipment of goods are: the requirements of a class of packaging of dangerous goods such as fuming sulfuric acid, 55% concentration of concentrated nitric acid and fuming nitric acid. Benzene, toluene, xylene, chlorobenzene, gasoline, condensate oil, liquid ammonia, liquid chlorine, ethylene oxide and so on.