Shipping Guild Container Rules

- Oct 25, 2018-

In some countries container shipping routes, each shipping guild in order to monopolize the container transport on their respective routes, each has formulated the container transport rules used by the supplier. These rules are set by the various associations in respect of the trade routes within the scope of the guild's operation. Therefore, the rules of the various guilds are different, but the basic spirit is the same, that is, the responsibility of the two sides is the same.

The rule content generally includes the following aspects:

Container loading port, distribution and transportation, special terms for container transport, interpretation of the various transport handover mode of cargo both sides responsibility, booking procedures and shipping Information declaration, various terms including bills of lading, additional terms, port terms and contingency provisions;Bill of lading issuance, equipment handover procedures, the use of free time and demurrage charges, delivery procedures, freight calculation methods and payment, the various costs of the project collection method, rate change provisions, currency, depreciation, value-added provisions;