Several methods of plastic barrel making process

- Sep 11, 2019-

There are many processes for professional manufacturers to process plastic barrels. Through the technical exploration of manufacturers, there are so many processes that are often used, and the plastic barrel process is concentrated in several ways:

1. Extrusion of plastic barrel: It means that the material passes through the action between the barrel and the screw of the extruder, and is plasticized while being pushed forward by the screw, and continuously passes through the machine head to make a variety of cross-section products or semi-products. Processing methods.

2, plastic barrel injection: thermoplastic injection molding, this method is to melt the plastic material, and then inject it into the membrane cavity. Once the molten plastic enters the mold, it is shaped into a corresponding shape by the cold cavity.

3, plastic barrel plastic: vacuum forming is called plastic, the main principle is to flatten the plastic sheet hardened and softened, vacuum is applied to the surface of the mold, cooled and formed.

Generally, the plastic barrel factory has a small wall thickness value, which varies depending on the type of plastic, the grade and the size of the product. Excessive wall thickness not only wastes raw materials, but also increases the time of plastic drums for thermosetting plastics molding, and it is easy to cause incomplete curing. For thermoplastics, it increases cooling time (according to experience, product thickness increases) Double the cooling time by four times). It also affects the quality of plastic drum products, such as bubbles, shrinkage, warpage and other defects.

The wall thickness of the plastic bucket should meet the following requirements: it has sufficient strength and rigidity; it can withstand the impact and vibration of the demoulding mechanism when demoulding; it can withstand the fastening force during assembly.