Several conditions that occur during the processing of plastic drums

- May 14, 2020-

1. Lack of material: In plastic processing, due to incomplete filling in the cavity, it will lead to the phenomenon of incomplete and incomplete plastic parts. 

2. Overflow: In the process of flash molding, it overflows into the gap between the mold clamping surfaces and the remaining plastic remains on the plastic parts. 

3. Welding mark: it is a linear trace on the surface of the plastic part, which is divided and merged in the desert by several streams of material during injection or extrusion. The molten material is not completely fused at the interface and cannot be welded together. , Causing fusion marks, affecting the appearance quality and mechanical properties of plastic parts. 

4. Wave flow marks: Due to the improper flow of the melt in the mold cavity, the plastic parts surface has annual ring-shaped, spiral-shaped or cloud-shaped irregularities.