Selection and application skills of paint iron drums and paint iron drums

- Jun 01, 2020-

Buy the heaviest package:

Lift the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a screaming sound, it shows that the packaging is seriously lacking, the lack of weight is two, the sticking is too low, and the big factory is on the right track.

Make a budget for usage:

Buy one at a time when buying, so as to avoid the slight color difference of the paints purchased successively.

Choose the same brand:

It is best to choose the same brand or matching paint as the primer and topcoat to avoid chemical reaction between the primer and topcoat.

Construction order:

⒈Clean the dust and dirt on the surface of wood products and lines (wood base).

⒉Finish the defects such as burrs and forks on the surface of the wood base, polish it with sand skin to make the corners uniform.

⒊Use oily putty (or transparent putty) to stop batch scraping, polishing, replenishing putty and then polishing (make up brown eyes and nail holes first when using varnish, and do some color repair work).

⒋Apply the first pass of paint, replenish putty, and remove dust from the surface after polishing.

⒌Apply the second pass of paint. After polishing, remove the external dust and stop the water grinding with water sand to repair the oil-hanging parts.

⒍Apply the third pass of paint until the desired effect is achieved.