Safety technology for steel barrel edging

- Dec 19, 2019-

Most of the edging machines used in the barrel making industry in our country use grinding wheels as tools. The grinding wheels consume fast during grinding and need to be adjusted and repaired frequently. The daily dynamic management workload is large. In use, the grinding wheel may be broken due to the inherent quality of the grinding wheel, packaging, transportation, storage, installation and other problems, resulting in personal injury. The working speed of the grinding wheel is high, and the falling abrasive particles inhale into the human body, which affects health and enters the eyes to cause accidents. Therefore, the edging machine has a greater impact on the safety and health of the operator.

The edging machine cannot be installed in corrosive or flammable and explosive places, such as heat treatment workshops, woodworking rooms, gas stations, oil depots, etc.

The opening of the protective cover of the grinding wheel of the edger should not be greater than 125o, the protective cover should have sufficient strength, the thickness of the protective cover steel plate should not be less than 3mm, and the gap between the new grinding wheel of the edger and the side of the cover (internal test) is 20 ~ 30mm The gap between the outer cover plate and the grinding wheel is 10 ~ 15mm. The edging machine should be equipped with a grinding wheel piece that meets the specified diameter and thickness.

Grinding wheels must undergo strict and careful inspection before installation and use. The inspection items are:

(1) Whether there is a certificate of conformity and whether it is within the prescribed storage period;

(2) Whether the characteristics of the grinding wheel such as abrasive, particle size, hardness, bonding agent, shape size and safe peripheral speed meet the process requirements of the edging equipment;

(3) Whether there are defects or cracks in the appearance;

(4) Use a wooden hammer to strike the corresponding four points on both sides of the grinding wheel, which should be the corresponding crisp sounds. Do not use them if there is a muffled or trembling sound or a different sound;

(5) The inner hole of the grinding wheel should be smooth and free of scratches;

(6) The storage of the grinding wheel should not be placed in a wet or oily place, it should be stored on a special wooden stand, and it should be placed upright.

The chip guard of the grinding machine of the grinding wheel can prevent sparks or particles splashing during grinding, and can also prevent the fragments of the grinding wheel from flying out and hurt the operator; the bracket can prevent the steel plate from moving during the grinding to damage the grinding wheel. The chip guard and the bracket of the grinding wheel grinding machine should be of sufficient strength when manufacturing. The width of the chip guard should be not less than the width of the wheel. The diameter and radial direction of the bracket can be adjusted. There is no depression or defect on each side edge. angle. The clearance between the chip guard and the grinding wheel should be adjusted regularly.

The function of the flange next to the grinding wheel of the edging machine is to transmit the driving force of the motor to the grinding wheel, which can also ensure the stable operation of the grinding wheel; the diameter of the flange should be greater than 1/3 of the diameter of the grinding wheel and the diameter of both sides is equal; the flange No distortion or deformation, otherwise it may cause the grinding wheel rupture, flanges are not allowed to be made of cast iron, a cushion should be added between the flange and the grinding wheel, the role is to eliminate the micro-parallelism of the grinding wheel, and increase the contact surface of the grinding wheel; The diameter of the cushion is required to be 2 ~ 3mm larger than the diameter of the flange. In this way, the presence of the cushion and its tightness should be checked visually. The cushion can be cut with asbestos, rubber, leather, etc., and the thickness is 1 ~ 2mm. The flange nuts must be tightened.

The grinding wheel should have no obvious radial vibration and runout during operation. If this phenomenon still occurs when the running speed is stable after turning on the machine, the cause of the failure should be carefully searched. Use a screwdriver to find out if there is abnormal operation of the grinding wheel bearing, if it is possible, the bearing may be damaged; also check whether the grinding wheel on both sides is swinging, if possible, the motor shaft is deformed; In addition, the installation of the grinding wheel is not balanced, and it is not firmly fixed. May cause vibration or runout of the grinding wheel.

The grinding wheel of the edger should be replaced in time when the wear exceeds the limit. This limit determines two aspects. On the one hand, it is the equipment adjustment limit. When the diameter of the grinding wheel cannot meet the production process requirements, it must be replaced in time. On the other hand, it is the safety limit. At this time, the remaining limit size of the grinding wheel = the diameter of the new grinding wheel-flange. Diameter size—10mm.