Safety requirements for loading and unloading of packed iron drums

- Jul 13, 2020-

The safety requirements that should be paid attention to when using packaging iron drums to transport goods and unload are as follows:

1. When loading and unloading dangerous goods in packed iron drums, staff should wear corresponding protective equipment according to the nature of the dangerous goods. Handling should be handled with care, impact, drag and dumping are strictly prohibited. Do not roll with a crowbar to prevent Damaged packaging and spilled goods;

2. When loading and unloading, check whether the packaging is sealed and intact, and if there is any damage or abnormal conditions, it should be processed or not shipped in time;

3. Loading and unloading personnel should wear gloves and corresponding gas masks or masks and wear protective clothing during the operation;

4. During the operation, the operator shall not smoke. After each operation, the face and hands must be washed with soap (or special detergent) immediately;

5. If any damage or overflow is found in the packaging iron drum during the operation, the operation should be stopped immediately, and the personnel of the relevant department should be notified to make emergency treatment.