Requirements for the storage site of packed iron drums

- Jul 11, 2020-

For the anti-rust method of packaging iron drums: After unloading, be sure to close the lid immediately and close the sealing lid to keep the iron drum sealed. It is best to use an iron drum cover to keep the oil drum mouth clean and free from moisture and impurities. The storage place for the packaging iron drums should be solid and level. There are drainage and water seal oil facilities around the storage place. The storage place for iron drums is conducive to fire fighting and personnel evacuation, and is convenient for inspection and treatment.

When it is placed outdoors due to limited conditions, it should be inclined to the mouth of the packaging iron drum to prevent the external moisture from accumulating in the drum mouth and infiltrating into the drum oil. If the outer packaging is an iron drum, care should be taken to handle it gently to avoid collision.

The iron bucket for indoor storage can be placed upright, but it is advisable to tilt the bucket slightly to prevent the rain from collecting on the surface of the bucket and covering the copper bolt. Water has an adverse effect on the iron bucket. Add padding to prevent the ground water from corroding the iron bucket.

The vertical packaging iron drum is best placed on the leakage tray, so that even if the iron drum has leakage or leakage, the oil leakage is controlled in the leakage groove in the leakage tray, and will not flow to the ground, causing danger. . You can use a forklift or forklift to move the leaky tray. You can also put the iron drum on the leaking platform to prevent leakage. In addition, IBC barrel leak trays, leak basins, leak liners, leak-proof levees, and economic leak trays are all good oil and chemical storage methods to prevent the leakage of chemical drums in packed iron drums.

It should also be kept away from open flames and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place. Iron drums should never be stored near steam pipes or heated areas. Care must be taken to avoid ignition sources during storage and use. Keep the barrel and barrel surface clean and clearly marked. Always check the packaging iron drum for leaks and see if the signs on the drum are clear. Keep the ground clean to facilitate timely detection and handling of leaks. It is best to keep the packaging iron drums in the warehouse away from pollution sources, such as coal dust, mud dust, wool yarn, smoke and so on. The warehouse and all accessories should be kept clean.