Reasons why industrial plastic barrels cannot contain diesel

- Apr 05, 2020-

1. After 3 days storage of diesel oil in the plastic poke, the gum content increased by more than 10% compared with the original; after 9 days storage, it increased by 30%. Gum tends to form carbon deposits, film and sludge in the diesel engine, which affects the normal operation of the engine.

2. The acid value of diesel will increase. The acidity value of diesel oil after standing for 7 days in a plastic barrel increased by about% compared with the initial one. Increased acidity will accelerate the erosion of the precision parts of the diesel engine supply system.

3. The diesel distillation range will be significantly extended. The storage of diesel in plastic drums will extend its distillation range, which will affect the starting performance and work balance of the diesel engine, and prevent the diesel from burning completely, forming carbon deposits, and increasing the unit consumption of fuel.

4. Will increase the diesel residue carbon residue. After the diesel oil is stored in the plastic poke for a few days, the residual carbon content is more than doubled, which seriously affects the quality of diesel oil. In short, there are many oil-damaged plastic storage racks, it is best to use iron poke storage. The iron drum for storage should be free of rust and debris. After cleaning, apply raw paint or epoxy resin or galvanized to ensure the quality of oil extraction.