Reasons for the inferior quality of plastic barrel processing

- Nov 11, 2019-

1. Injection molding materials. The material has impurities or different suppliers' supply, different batches of the same manufacturer, etc. The batch processing technology is different.

2. Injection molding machine. Check whether the functions of various parts of the injection molding machine are normal, and consider the effects of temperature, pressure, time, etc., and control and adjust the injection molding machine.

3, the mold. The mold device should be proper, the temperature should be correct, and the injection molded parts should run smoothly in the mold.

4. Production process. To ensure that the pressure, temperature and time meet the processing conditions provided by the material supplier, constantly check the injection speed and the correctness of the technology.

5, injection time, temperature, pressure, back force can affect the quality of plastic barrel processing.