Reasons for discoloration in the production process of plastic packaging drums and solutions

- Oct 09, 2019-

1. The color masterbone has not been carefully tested, and the effect can be used by visually judging the arbitrary judgment.

2, the color masterbatch and raw material properties do not match, the masterbatch carrier is not properly selected, and the raw materials can not be fully integrated.

3. The time during the stirring of the raw materials is too short and the mixing is uneven.

4. The equipment process is improperly adjusted. If the temperature is too high, the sol stays in the barrel for a long time, causing the color of the color masterbatch to be burnt. When the equipment is started again, there is a difference in the color of the batch production plastic barrel.

5. Strict new product and new color master experiment system in the production process, strict production management order, reasonable adjustment of equipment production process, and timely contact with color master manufacturers.