Reasonable safe storage of chemical barrels

- Jun 01, 2019-

It is understood that the safe storage of plastic chemical barrels has always been a concern of many production companies in chemical barrels, especially in the rainy season, or in the hot summer, plastic chemical barrels are not easy to store, and it is easy to cause air pollution and the environment. The destruction, so today Packing Products Co., Ltd. has collected relevant information about the safe storage of plastic chemical barrels in recent years as follows, hoping to help more customers.

1. The plastic barrels after packing the goods are stacked on double-sided flat trays. The size of the trays is no more than 1.3 meters; the maximum stacking of 1 layer on each tray, the number of stacked plastic barrels depends on the size of the tray, and the edge of the plastic barrel must not exceed the tray. The edges; the plastic buckets on the tray should be stacked symmetrically so that the center of gravity of the entire tray and the upper plastic bucket is at the center of the tray.

Second, the shelf life of plastic drums is 2 years from the date of production.

Third, the plastic bucket should be stored in the awning to avoid exposure, the storage temperature is below 40 °C, above -18 °C.

4. The plastic buckets stacked on the pallets are packed and fastened with the wrapping film. When packing, the plastic buckets and the plastic buckets should be prevented from being deformed by each other, and the deformation amount is ≤5%; the number of stacking layers of the pallets after packing should be no more than 2 layers. When the stack is high, the upper and lower layers should be aligned so that the weight of the upper layer is evenly applied to the lower layer; the ground at the stacking surface should be flat and in a horizontal position.