Properly store second-hand barrels to extend life

- Jul 01, 2019-

Because the material of the second-hand barrel is plastic, it will be exposed to ultraviolet light and photochemical reaction under the sun. It can directly cause the molecular chain to break, which will trigger and accelerate some unfavorable chain reactions. In addition, when exposed to light, there is usually a temperature change that can be considered as heat, and an increase in temperature accelerates the diffusion of oxygen, thereby increasing the rate of oxidation, causing thermal bonding and cracking, and contact with oxygen or even ozone in the air. Excessive gelation or molecular chain breakage can accelerate aging.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, we should store it in a dry indoor environment to avoid long-term direct sunlight exposure to avoid being close to the heat source during use. Of course, it has waterproof and moisture-proof performance, but in order to avoid his mold, you should also pay attention to waterproof treatment.