Problems that must be paid attention to when transporting plastic drums

- Jun 23, 2019-

Industrial plastic barrel manufacturers analysis of plastic barrel transportation precautions

1. Must comply with the provisions of plastic drum stowage. For example, the quantity and weight of each plastic plastic bucket loaded in the same batch of freight must be the same, not more or less. Different consignees and different goods cannot be mixed in one plastic bucket. The plane of the plastic bucket should be loaded with all the goods, the code should be flat, the four sides should be laid flat, the four corners should be 90 degrees, and the top should be level.

In addition to the head mark on the original packaging, the gross weight of the plastic drum cargo, the destination port, the number of plastic drums and the numbering mark must be added on both sides of the plastic bucket forklift fork, and the weight of each plastic plastic drum Do not exceed the specified maximum gross weight.

2. The freight rate of plastic barreled goods is calculated according to the weight and volume of the plastic barrel after loading, minus the weight of the plastic barrel and the height of the plastic barrel, that is, the plastic drum itself is free of shipping charges.

3. The range of loading plastic drums is limited. Not all goods can be transported in plastic drums. Goods suitable for transport in plastic drums are limited to packaged goods. Bulk, bare, overweight, extra long or refrigerated goods cannot be transported as plastic drums. Two dangerous goods with different performances must not be loaded on the same plastic drum as plastic drums.

4. When the goods are transported in plastic plastic drums, the words “plastic barrel transport” must be indicated on all transport documents.

5. Each plastic plastic drum must be bundled firmly, with sufficient strength and stable balance to withstand general maritime risks, withstand handling and movement, and withstand certain