Prevent the deformation of the paint bucket and extend the service life method

- Oct 08, 2020-

The deformation of the paint bucket will affect its service life, so in order to extend the use time of the paint bucket, it is necessary to find out how to prevent the deformation of the paint bucket; there are two possibilities for the deformation of the paint bucket: 1. The quality of the paint bucket itself is not good 2. Do not pay attention to the paint bucket during use.

The problem of deformation of paint buckets due to quality problems is still relatively small. Nowadays, plastic bucket manufacturers should conduct careful inspections before supplying externally. Therefore, the deformation of paint buckets is more due to the contents of the contents. , And the position and angle where the items are stored.

When we use paint buckets to hold bulk goods, sometimes the buckets are easier to deform. There is a very interesting saying about the deformation of the paint bucket. It is because the paint bucket has good airtightness, so when the paint bucket is filled with liquid goods, after the lid is tightened, it is airtight, so when the liquid inside is cooled, the bucket The internal pressure becomes small, and the external pressure is large, causing the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the barrel, which causes the paint barrel to deform. In fact, this is a conceptual error. In the formulation of the production of the paint bucket, the pressure that the paint bucket can withstand should be determined according to the degree of danger of the liquid to be contained, and it will not be deformed due to pressure.