Precautions, manufacturing materials and applications of plastic tons of barrels during storage

- Jun 13, 2019-

1. Plastic tons of barrels should be stored in awnings to avoid exposure. The storage temperature needs to be controlled below 40 degrees Celsius and below 18 degrees Celsius.

2. The plastic ton barrels stacked on the trays are packed and fastened with a wrapping film. When packing, the barrels and barrels should be prevented from being crushed and deformed by each other. The deformation amount is less than or equal to 5%. The number of stacked layers of the tray after packaging should be no more than 2 layers. When the stack is high, the upper and lower layers should be aligned so that the weight of the upper layer is evenly applied to the lower layer; the ground at the stacking surface should be flat and in a horizontal position.

3. The plastic drums after packing the goods need to be stacked on double-sided flat trays. The size of the trays should not exceed 1.3 meters; one layer should be stacked on each tray. The edge of the barrel cannot exceed the edge of the tray. The number of stacking barrels is determined by the tray. Depending on the size, the buckets on the pallet should be stacked symmetrically so that the center of gravity of the entire pallet and its upper bucket is at the center of the pallet.

The raw materials of plastic tons of barrels are mainly polyethylene and modified polypropylene. When selecting materials, they are mainly considered from the aspects of molding process requirements and performance requirements. For example, injection vats are usually made of plastic grades with a slightly higher melt index than high injection pressures. The material used for blow molding vats should be considered for its density value, and high-molecular weight HDPE with high rigidity, creep resistance, abrasion resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance.

The plastic tonnage barrel has better corrosion resistance and is suitable for packaging of various chemical dangerous goods; the residual amount after pouring is small, easy to clean, suitable for repeated use; long service life, in normal filling, transportation and loading and unloading conditions It can be used more than 20 times; the size meets the requirements of container transportation in various places, and 80 containers can be loaded in 20-foot containers.

When the plastic tonnage barrel is moving, it can also adopt the method of manual lateral rolling and lateral rotation, which is mainly used for packaging containers of food and light industry and chemical products. Everyone must use it reasonably, so that our work is more convenient.