Precautions for the selection of paint buckets and methods for removing rust

- Sep 20, 2019-

Precautions for the selection of the paint bucket: The paint bucket selected by the user should not be used for export packaging. If it is used for export packaging, the user promises not to hold the supplier responsible for any damage caused by the quality of the packaging drum. All kinds of paint buckets are not suitable for liquids when filling, and products that change to solid after filling; it is not suitable for filling, storage and transportation above 70 °C; it is not suitable for immersing in cold-rolled steel sheets without inner coating. Corroded products.

Introduction to the rust removal method of paint bucket:

Ammonium sulfate liquid derusting: 1 kg of ammonium sulfate plus 20 kg of water, stir and dissolve, put the rusted paint bucket into it, and automatically shed the rust according to the degree of rust, and the light rust is wiped off with a cloth. Then rinse off with water. Then immerse in lime milk or apply rosin gasoline to prevent rust.

Rosin gasoline liquid rust: 50 grams of rosin, plus 50 grams of gasoline, mix and mix to become rosin oil. Apply this solution to an iron farm without rust and dry it to prevent rust.

Vinegar rust removal: Put the rusted small agricultural implement parts into the vinegar and soak them until the rust layer is easy to peel off. Remove it with a wire brush and then immerse it in vinegar for two or three minutes, remove it and dry it. .

Baking soda water derusting: Use a suitable amount of Taomi water in the tank, add baking soda according to the ratio of baking soda and water 1:500, stir well and put in the agricultural implement parts. After a few days, it will ferment and bubbling, and the surface will be covered with rust. Remove the parts and wipe them dry.

Lime milk rust prevention: burnt lime, use a small amount of water to open, add appropriate amount of water to make lime milk, and immerse the iron tools in the milk.