Precautions for packaging iron drums during transportation

- Jul 16, 2020-

1. Packing iron drums When transporting dangerous chemicals in transportation drums, the first thing to pay attention to is the special car, the driver, and the escort must have relevant safety knowledge and technical training, understand the physical and chemical properties of the transported items, only Only in this way can it be transported safely and safely to its destination.

2. Packing iron drums should be driven at medium speed and carefully driven when transporting dangerous chemicals in the transportation drums. The gaps between the packing iron drums should be filled with waste paper and other materials to prevent the shaking of the goods. A straw bag or The reed mat prevents slippage of the goods while driving and eliminates hidden safety hazards.

3. Pay attention to the inspection of the goods while driving. The inspection is very important due to the bumps and vibrations of the vehicles while driving. Only by doing a safe inspection can you continue to drive more safely.

4. When the packaging iron is transported in the transportation barrels of dangerous chemicals, the driving route time should be properly selected, away from people and water sources. In the event of a traffic accident, the scope of isolation should be expanded and immediately reported to the relevant department. Dangerous chemicals are toxic and corrosive, and they can easily pollute the environment if they are not noticed, especially liquid products can easily pollute the land and water sources. After long-distance transportation, the outer packaging will be damaged, so you should pay special attention when unloading. Where there is no dedicated platform, a springboard or wooden bar should be laid, and the bucket should be pulled slowly by the rope to fall to the ground, or a waste tire can be used as a cushion to cushion. And to inform the owner of the goods, shelve the dangerous goods for a period of time, wait for all kinds of performance to be stable before use. It is worth reminding that if there are signs of leakage in the carriage, do not rush to clean it, first clean it with sawdust or sand, let it dry, evaporate, and rinse with water in a place away from the water source to avoid polluting the environment.