Precautions for packaging iron drums

- May 02, 2020-

1. If it is used for filling liquids, it is calculated according to the specific gravity (density) of the product, but it must be left with 10% of the space required for the expansion of the product to prevent cracking when the iron packaging drum is dropped during transportation .

2. If it is used to hold solids, you can request the iron packaging barrel manufacturer to provide the keyword ranking of iron packaging barrels with the same volume, and then convert the required volume of iron packaging barrels. However, a space of 5% to 10% should also be reserved for the packing with plastic inner bags to prevent the iron drums from cracking due to falling deformation and flying lid during transportation.

3. If it is used for filling low-boiling products (usually below 60 ℃), it is necessary to fully consider that such products have vapor pressure at a certain temperature, and the liquid vapor pressure increases with increasing temperature. In addition, the product filling temperature and the maximum temperature during storage and transportation that the iron packaging drum may encounter after filling must also be considered. Generally, 55 ° C should be considered, and in some areas, the temperature difference between 60 ° C should be considered, causing product expansion, As a result, internal pressure is generated in the iron packaging barrel. The sum of these two pressures cannot be greater than the allowable internal pressure in the iron packaging barrel. Otherwise, the iron packaging barrel will burst and strain. Iron packaging drums are allowed to withstand pressure. For details, please refer to the export commodity inspection certificate, or consult with the barrel manufacturer.

4. If the temperature used for filling products is high (above 60 ℃), the minimum temperature of storage and transportation should be considered. The temperature difference causes negative pressure in the iron packaging drum, which may cause the iron packaging drum to collapse or touch the iron packaging drum. Deflated. Cool the product to room temperature before filling as much as possible before filling. If the product cannot be cooled and needs to be filled, the filled iron packaging barrel cannot be tightened immediately. When the temperature of the goods in the barrel drops to normal temperature, then the barrel cover Tighten.