Powder electrostatic spraying has its unique advantages in industrial coating

- Apr 05, 2021-

1) The powder coating is a solid coating, no solvent and non-volatile. It greatly reduces pollution problems caused by solvents, which is beneficial to environmental protection and the health of operators. 2) In the spraying process, the excess powder can be collected by the recycling system to achieve the purpose of recycling. Therefore, the utilization rate of the powder is quite high, which reduces the production cost of the enterprise and obtains better economic benefits. 3) The entire coating process only needs to go through pre-treatment, spraying, curing and other processes, which simplifies the traditional multi-process spraying method and improves the working efficiency of the spraying line. It is more convenient whether it is manual or automatic operation. 4) After powder electrostatic spraying. After baking, the coating film surface with excellent performance can be obtained. The coating film is strong and durable. It is resistant to acid and alkali, and has the advantages of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and high mechanical strength.