Polishing process of closed iron drum

- Nov 30, 2019-

The closed iron drum belongs to the kind of iron drum, and its important thing in production is the selection of the original material and the processing technology. The selection of raw materials is more convenient and simple, but for the processing technology, it requires the skilled craftsmanship of the technicians. Among them, the polishing process is more important in the manufacturing process.

In the polishing process, the closed iron drum needs to pay attention to two stages, one is grinding and the other is light. When grinding, it is mainly to remove the irregular solder joints of the iron drum, and the light needs to be treated with a special process to have a mirror effect. 

For the closed iron drum purchased, you need to pay attention to maintenance. You need to spray the detergent or decontamination powder on a soft cloth, apply a little water, then wipe it, then clean it with water, put it outdoors, and dry it naturally. Stainless steel drums cannot be placed in damp places and are not exposed to air. Iron drums can be corroded by moisture.https://www.fhpails.com/