Points to note when storing iron buckets

- Dec 05, 2019-

When iron drums are stored, in order to save the warehouse space, iron drums are often stacked, but incorrect stacking methods often cause unnecessary damage to the iron drums. Iron buckets should be stacked upright and not upside down. Because the inversion will make the iron barrel and the barrel body contact each other, which will not only cause the barrel body to wear and damage the surface coating film. More importantly, the strength of the barrel body against external high pressure is very small, and it is easy to cause the barrel body to deform when stacking. When iron buckets are stacked upright, pallets should be placed on the bottom, mainly to prevent the bottom of the buckets from being easily wet and rusted when they directly touch the ground. In the middle of each layer of stacking, a buffer layer such as corrugated cardboard should be placed to prevent the upper layer and the lower iron bucket from directly contacting the worn surface.https://www.fhpails.com/