Plastic packaging drum packaging and how to clean and maintain

- Oct 12, 2019-

Plastic packaging drum is an important packaging container. It has excellent functions of high strength, corrosion resistance, safety and reliability in the storage, exchange and transfer of various liquid and solid commodities. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, paint and light. Industry, food and other industries. In the world's import and export trade, steel drums carry up to 10 million tons of goods per year. It has become an indispensable bridge between the production and consumption of goods, and plays an important role in protecting the value and use value of goods.

Surface plastic packaging is an important process to ensure the surface quality of plastic packaging barrels and enhance the corrosion resistance of plastic packaging barrels. With the rapid development of the automotive industry and the petroleum industry, the barrel industry has developed rapidly. The amount of paint used in the barrels also increases. The paint coating barrel outer wall coating developed by us has high gloss, high hardness, good adhesion, and can be dried in the required time and temperature. It also has excellent water resistance, weather resistance, no wrinkles and runny defects, and two-color paint. Spraying, no defects such as splashes and undertones. 

The selection of the film-forming substance in the experimental part is the main film-forming substance of the coating. Choosing the right resin is the key link in the formulation design. Since the paint packaging barrel spraying production line is baked and cross-linked and solidified, the drying line of the production line is generally at 140 ° C, -15 min, and the heating and cooling zones on both sides are removed, and the effective baking time is 7-10 min. Ordinary amino baking varnish requires 140 ° C, so the resin is required to dry quickly. In addition, it is required to have high gloss, hardness and excellent adhesion to prevent paint from falling off during loading and unloading. Based on the above conditions, we synthesized a fast-drying modified polyester resin JY-02 in the Group's resin workshop. It is cured by baking and crosslinking with an amino resin to form a strong three-dimensional structural coating.

The choice of pigments in the plastic packaging barrel pigments makes the coating film color, and the coating film has a certain hiding ability to play its decorative and protective effects. The pigment also enhances the mechanical properties and durability of the film. The outer wall coating of the plastic packaging barrel needs to be painted on the facade. If it is too thick, it will cause sagging. Therefore, the dry film thickness of the coating is generally 15-μm, which requires the plastic packaging barrel to have excellent hiding power; the plastic packaging barrel is often exposed to sunlight. Under the same, it is also required that the paint has good color retention. We have selected imported rutile titanium dioxide, indigo blue, indocyanine green, carbon black and other pigments with excellent hiding power.