Plastic packaging barrels should be noted when storing

- Oct 09, 2019-

1. Precautions for the environmental protection of plastic packaging barrels;

Plastic packaging barrel storage should be selected as much as possible, environmentally sealed or semi-sealed space, anti-ultraviolet radiation, shielding the roof glass tiles and windows to prevent exposure to sunlight. Prevent the discoloration of the plastic packaging barrel due to light, and do a good job of ventilation. The temperature of the warehouse should be controlled below 40 °C and below -18 °C. Temperature control also delays the life of plastic drums.

2. Precautions for storage of plastic packaging barrels;

When the plastic packaging barrel is stored in the form of a tray, the plastic packaging barrel should be placed in a tidy arrangement in advance, and then wrapped and fixed by a wrapping film to prevent the plastic packaging barrel from being scattered and dumped. Plastic pallets have the same height requirements for pallet placement, which is the stability of the pallet when it is raised. The flat interface allows the upper tray to be evenly distributed on the next tray interface, and also reduces the uneven force on the plastic drum to the barrel or bottom. For the sake of safety, try to control the height of the two trays as much as possible. And in the warehouse stacking space to do isolation space for easy handling

The reasonable storage environment and mode of plastic packaging barrels will bring convenience to the enterprise's later work and greatly improve the service life of plastic packaging barrels.