Plastic drums are not fragile

- Sep 24, 2019-

Many materials are packed in plastic packaging drums. The performance of plastic packaging barrels is excellent and has been well received by customers. Plastic paint packaging drums are mostly used for packaging dangerous goods, not easy to break, no rust, oil, corrosion, heat preservation and moisture. It is mostly used to hold glacial acetic acid, tert-butyl peroxide, petroleum and other dangerous products with strong acid and alkali corrosion. Let me talk about the plastic packaging barrel has a non-fragile character.

Plastic drum characteristics:

1. The plastic packaging barrel is a high molecular organic compound.

2. Plastic packaging drums can exist in various types such as liquid solid colloidal solution.

3. Plastic packaging drums can be formed.

4, a wide variety of different plastics because of the composition of different monomers.

5, a wide range of products are diversified.

6, have different properties.

7, can use different processing methods.