Plastic drum product customization should pay attention to what and good quality should meet the conditions

- Jul 06, 2019-

1. Are there any precautions for product customization in plastic drums?

The plastic barrel is customized, that is, the product can be customized according to different requirements of the purchaser or some special use requirements to meet the different needs of different users. In carrying out this work, there will be some aspects of attention. One important point is that the price of the product needs to be reconsidered and determined because it is a non-standard customized product, and it also needs to be very standard with the standard product. It’s a good distinction. 

2. Are there different types of plastic barrels? What are the common types?

From a professional point of view, plastic drums are of different types and can have different classification standards. Therefore, different types can be obtained under different classification standards. The common types of plastic drums are plastic buckets, large-mouth plastic buckets, small-mouth plastic buckets and closed plastic buckets. Which one to choose depends on the actual situation and the requirements of use. 

3. Can plastic drums be loaded with diesel?

Plastic drums, which can not be loaded with diesel fuel, can only hold diesel oil for a short period of time, even if it can be loaded with diesel fuel. From the perspective of safety, if you want to hold and store diesel for a long time, you should choose iron drum instead of plastic drum to ensure the quality of diesel. 

4. What are the quality of plastic buckets that must be met?

Plastic drums of good quality, which must be satisfied, mainly have the following points: First, the overall color of the plastic bucket should be bright, and the smoothness and smoothness of the inner and outer surfaces are good; secondly, if it is used for food If it is, food-grade plastic raw materials should be used; the third is to use new plastics for processing, instead of using recycled raw materials, so the price of the products will not be very low. If the price of plastic drum products is too low, it is not recommended.