Plastic buckets are not faded for many years.

- Jun 29, 2019-

The plastic barrels of industrial plastic barrel manufacturers are environmentally friendly products. They are non-toxic and wear-resistant. They are mainly composed of two parts, namely, extrusion and blow molding, so it is said that the industry is called blow molding. The product made by this process is made by plastic particles passing through the hopper mouth, which is melted by heating in a three-stage heating zone, and the molten plastic is formed by the filter mesh under the extrusion of the screw thread, and then the parison is heated. Sandwiched into the valve mold to be blown, inflated with compressed air to reach the cavity shape, after a certain time and wind pressure, after cooling and shaping, open the valve and mold, and get the finished plastic barrel It is.

Plastic barrels made of PE, PP and other plastic materials are molded with high wear resistance. They are also very good for acid and alkali and corrosion. They are not faded for a long time, especially for the packaging and transportation industry. There are many colors for plastic buckets, most of which are blue and white. Of course, there are many yellow, green and red colors. Manufacturers can customize other colors according to customers' requirements. As long as it is explained with the manufacturer's staff, the plastic bucket is also very convenient for cleaning. It can be used under direct sunlight for many years without fading and quality.