Performance characteristics of packing drum

- Dec 09, 2019-

The packaging drum has evolved from the function of temporarily storing the contents to today's industrial packaging, sales packaging, transportation packaging, etc .; forming a consistent flow container from production to circulation and consumption has become a means for long-term storage of the contents. Work and life have brought about great changes and progress. Packaging drum has the following performance characteristics:

1. Abundant resources, energy consumption and cost are relatively low. In addition, it has recyclability and is ideally green in terms of environmental protection.

2, excellent processing performance, mature processing technology, continuous and automated production. It has good ductility and strength, and can be rolled into various thickness plates and foils. The plates can be stamped, rolled, stretched, and welded to make packaging containers of different shapes and sizes.

3. It has excellent comprehensive protection performance. The water vapor transmission rate of steel is very low, and it is completely opaque, which can effectively avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Its gas-barrier, moisture-proof, light-shielding and shelf-life greatly exceed other types such as plastic and paper. Therefore, the packaging barrel can maintain the quality of the goods for a long time, which is especially important for food packaging.

4. The packaging barrel has a special metallic luster, and it is also easy to print and decorate, which can make the product look luxurious, beautiful, and marketable.

5. The packaging barrel has excellent mechanical properties and high strength, so the packaging barrel container can be made into a thin-walled, high compressive strength, and not easily damaged packaging container. In this way, the safety of the packaged product is reliably guaranteed, and it is easy to store, transport, load and unload and use.