Performance characteristics of metal packaging barrels

- Dec 16, 2019-

Although metal packaging drums are not used in packaging materials, they have excellent overall performance. First of all, due to the material of the metal packaging barrel, the metal material has good ductility, convenient processing, easy molding, and good molding effect. The modern processing technology is mature and can be continuous and automated. In addition, metal packaging barrels have excellent comprehensive protection and barrier properties. High metal strength, excellent mechanical properties, good barrier to light, gas and water, moisture resistance, fragrance retention, heat resistance, cold resistance, grease resistance and other properties greatly exceed plastic, paper and other packaging drums. More importantly, metal packaging barrels are easy to recycle and recycle, and are conducive to lightweight design. In addition, metal packaging barrels have rich sources of materials, making it easy to promote lightweight design on packaging, thereby saving materials and improving efficiency. In addition to the above, metal packaging barrels also have shortcomings. That is, metal packaging barrels have poor chemical stability and are less resistant to corrosion than plastics and glass, especially steel packaging materials.