Pay attention to sun protection when using plastic buckets

- Feb 26, 2021-

When a plastic barrel is exposed to light, it usually changes in temperature, which can be regarded as heating. The increase in temperature will accelerate the diffusion of oxygen, thereby speeding up the oxidation rate, and triggering hot glue chain and cracking, and it is even with the oxygen in the air. Ozone contact, excessive glue chain or molecular chain breakage can accelerate aging.

The chemical reaction of plastic barrels exposed to the sun is caused by multiple factors, such as ultraviolet rays. The leading factor of photochemical reaction can directly cause the break of molecular chain. Among all the light, the shorter the wavelength and the greater the energy, the more it can accelerate the aging of the plastic barrel, because rubber and plastic materials will generate free radicals when absorbing light energy, which will initiate and accelerate some unfavorable chain reactions. .

In fact, plastic buckets will fade after being exposed to the sun for a period of time. This is a phenomenon that we can observe with our eyes. In fact, when a 10L plastic bucket is exposed to the sun, various chemical reactions will occur between the molecules of its constituent materials, and these are invisible to our eyes.