paint pail reusing

- Nov 06, 2018-

Steel pail for paint

How to save the remaining paint after the paint bucket is used and how to clean it?

Paint bucket, which is simple to understand, refers to a container used to hold paint, and it can be used for various paints. Therefore, it is very common and commonly used in daily life, and it is sure to be used in home decoration. Use to. Therefore, based on this, it is necessary to familiarize and understand the paint bucket to achieve the correct and rational use of the product.

The paint bucket, as described above, is a container that is mainly used to hold paint and paint to facilitate the transportation and use of the paint. Therefore, it is very common and commonly used in various renovation projects. In terms of material, it is generally made of tinplate and coated with a layer of rust-proof packaging coating to ensure the quality and storage effect of the paint to avoid deterioration and other problems.

1. How can the paint in the paint bucket be stored for a long time after use?

Paint in the paint bucket, if you can't use it once, there are still a lot of remaining, then, how can the remaining paint be stored for a long time without deterioration and other problems? Let's briefly introduce the correct approach. This purpose.

First of all, use a screwdriver to loosen the bottom of the paint bucket lid. Note that you only need to open half of it. Then, open the lid 45 degrees, it should be noted that the rubber under the cover is sealed, do not break the rubber mat. After that, the paint is used normally, but do not let the rubber mat stain the paint. When the paint is used, put the rubber pad under the lid of the paint bucket, and then close the lid. When closing the lid, make sure that the rubber mat is sandwiched between the lid and the barrel. Do not let the rubber mat fall into the paint bucket. After closing the lid, press the tab down firmly to fasten it, but don't use it too tightly.

2. How to clean the paint bucket? Is it recyclable?

If you want to clean the paint bucket, you can use banana water or gasoline to clean it and achieve it. Pour it into the bucket and wash it several times, then rinse it with water, so that the paint stuck in the paint bucket can be thoroughly cleaned. clean. However, it should be noted that banana water or gasoline has an irritating effect on human skin and is prone to dry or chapped skin. Therefore, it is possible to wash the skin with soapy water and apply care products to avoid this problem. Paint buckets, which are recyclable, are generally recycled by the manufacturer because they can be professionally treated to avoid environmental pollution.