Paint iron drum, paint iron barrel purchase application skills

- Nov 28, 2019-

Buy the most heavy packaging:

Lift the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a squeaky sound, it will clarify that the packaging is seriously lacking, and there is no shortage of two pounds. The stick is too low, and the real product of the big track is really material.

Pay a budget for the amount:

Purchase one time at the time of purchase, so as not to have a slight color difference in the coatings purchased successively.

Choose the same brand:

It is best to use the same brand or matching paint for the primer and topcoat to avoid chemical reaction between the primer and the topcoat.

Construction times:

1. Eliminate the dust and dirt on the surface of wood products and lines (wood base).

2. Trim the defects such as burrs and crepe on the outer surface of the wood base layer, and polish them with sand skin to make the corners uniform.

3. Use oily putty (or transparent putty) to stop the scraping, polishing, and repairing the putty and then polishing it. (When using varnish, first make up the brown eye, nail the eye, do some color repair work).

4. Apply the first coat of paint, make up the putty, and clean the surface dust after polishing.

5. Apply the second coat of paint, polish the surface dust after polishing, stop the water mill with water sand, and repair the part of the oil.

6. Apply the third coat until the desired result is achieved.