Outdoor storage measures for packed iron drums

- Jul 14, 2020-

1. Temporarily erected tents or waterproof canvas can protect the iron bucket from the erosion of rain. Before lifting the lid, the bucket head must be cleaned and dried to prevent pollutants from entering the iron bucket.

2. Packed iron drums can be placed in leak-proof boxes, leak-proof rolling shutter iron drum cabinets, iron drum working cabinets, and iron drum storage houses. Waterproof, anti-leakage, weather-resistant, with lock, fireproof, anti-impurity intrusion, safe and reliable.

3. Iron buckets should be placed horizontally and placed on the iron bucket rack. Keep the two plugs on the barrel lid at the same level. In this position, the inside of the through plug is immersed in the product and will not absorb moisture in the air, and moisture will not accumulate on the edge of the barrel surface. In order to achieve the best protection effect, the packaging iron drum can be put upside down, and the end with the bucket plug is produced on the ground with good drainage. If the packaging iron barrel has a barrel plug, the oil barrel can be placed horizontally or upright, but the barrel plug must face down. Lay the iron bucket horizontally, the bucket lid should be placed at the lowest point, but not covered by any water surface. The pressure of the goods in the barrel can improve the tightness of the lid. The barrels on the bottom two sides of each row should be stuck with wooden blocks to prevent them from rolling.

4. If the packaging iron drum is placed vertically with the bucket plug facing upward, water may flow into the pollution or damage the lubricant through the gap between the bucket plug. At the same time, rainwater or condensed moisture will accumulate on the barrel surface. Try not to expose the iron barrel to direct sunlight to reduce the temperature change in the barrel during the day and night. When the temperature rises and falls, the effect of cold shrinkage and thermal expansion will cause the water to gradually enter the barrel through the barrel plug.https://www.fhpails.com/